What Secret Lies Inside Madeon’s “The Pixel Empire” And Beyond


The illustrious Madeon has once again blessed us with some new music, in the form of “Technicolor” (which is amazing or course). But he did more than that. He left us some clues, to something. And upon further analysis, whatever he has up his sleeves, he’s been planning for a while, with previous releases. The wonderchild is seriously brilliant. He’s only 19 years old. A master producer. Did you know he also designed all of the artwork? Keep that in mind as you continue on with the post.

We did a lot of digging, and have an idea. But we won’t let you in on the secret just yet. Just know, that Madeon wouldn’t be surprised if it took weeks or months for people to figure out (found this email bit browsing online). CLUES AFTER THE JUMP!.


So here are a bunch of clues, but sound off in the comments with what you’re discovered!

Going back to his previous releases….

Update: 0) The limited edition vinyl cover of “Icarus” has the phrase “Icarus We Will Try Again” which paired with the phrase in the description of the “Technicolor” video “In certain ways it’s almost a spiritual sequel to Icarus” … well it makes perfect sense.

1) “The Finale” code reads “Finale One Last Time”
madeon final one last time

2) “The City” code reads “This City Was Ours”
madeon the city this city was ours

3) The Morse code at the end of “Technicolor” you hear spells “Icarus fell.”

4) Then on newly redesigned site, the additional Morse code under the teaser vid says “type it.”
morse code type it

5) When you type in “Icarus fell” you get “The Secret Is Inside The Pixel Empire” to pop up outta nowhere
the secret is inside the pixel empire

6) That secret inside the “pixel empire” most likely refers to the artwork zip file you download from the Buy page has the Front AND Back covers, but if extracted correctly, also has 2 additional image files, ONE.png and TWO.png, with more Morse code.

7) May be nothing, but in analyzing the Front cover, you’ll of course first notice the pixelated building, but upon zooming there’s what appears to be either a 19 or a 49? Maybe part of a date? Albums like to be released on Tuesdays.. and the next 19th that is a Tuesday is December 19th? Probably a stretch and not relevant though.
madeon 19 or 49

8) The Morse code ONE and TWO:
madeon came crashing down
but we don't stop

9) And it looks like you’re supposed to combine the two files, like so, reading “Came Crashing Down” and “But We Don’t Stop”:
madeon came crashing down but we won't stop

10) The Back Cover text reads “We Can Get It Back”
Update: an old tour flyer has the same text, in “Madeon Code” along the bottom… “This was our city, We can get it back”
madeon tour flyer

Update: 11) In the description of the teaser on YouTube, it says “In certain ways it’s almost a spiritual sequel to Icarus.”

So here’s the clues we have, in chronological order of discovery, based on Madeon code and Morse code:

Icarus We Will Try Again
Finale One Last Time
This City Was Ours
Icarus Fell
Came Crashing Down
But We Don’t Stop
We Can Get It Back

The above is after using “The Secret Is Inside The Pixel Empire” … hopefully we don’t need this still

And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see some kinda of pattern not only within the clues, but also the track titles.

The City

Logically, from Icarus forward (removing the track titles), it reads like so:

We will try again, one last time. This was our city, we can get it back. Icarus fell, came crashing down, but we won’t stop.

I also think it’s key to remember this:

“My goal was to tell a story through dance music” – Madeon

A few things to keep in mind:
-He already has a label.. popcultur, so he’s probably not announcing a label.
-But.. he hasn’t announced an album yet? Or a world tour?
-Or maybe it’s just his next single? Could all of the previous hints from the videos have led us to the name “Technicolor” somehow, and all the clues we have now will lead us to the title of his next track?
Update: after having a few days to think about it, maybe that’s it? Maybe it doesn’t lead to anything. Maybe he’s just trying to show off who he is, his personality, show everyone who he is; he’s clever; he’s talented musically, technically, artistically; and he’s damn creative. This could all be Madeon’s way of showing us where he’s coming from, and what influences his music?

I would love for all of this to turn into an album title and release date.. but only time will tell!

Now it’s your turn to continue figuring out what story Madeon is trying to tell! Spam our comments:

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