Paris Hilton Makes Her DJ “Debut” At Amnesia Ibiza Last Night

Paris Hilton made her DJ debut at Amnesia Ibiza last night and absolutely nailed it! I mean could you ask for a better performance from such a talent? Missed drops left and right, flangers hanging around for days, transitions that make you wonder if the crossfader even existed…not to mention she lets the intro to the Bingo Players track – Rattle sit for at least 30 seconds before taking the loop off.

Best part of the performance comes at 2:40 when Amnesia crops the crowd with smoke so we really can’t see who’s performing anymore…may have saved the night for some.

After this set, and with a full year to practice, we’re easily looking at a main-stager at Tomorrowland next year…right? Excuse me while I go listen to Country music for 12 hours straight…SMH.

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