Introducing: Point Break – Don’t Pet The Sweaty Things (Album) [Sick New Ska/Rock Band]


Today, I’m bringing you some music that is a bit outside the genres I typically post. I’m very excited to introduce you all to a band named Point Break, the impossible-to-categorize band is made up of Duke University students, and have made a name for themselves in the Durham, NC music scene. With tracks like “Mole Anthem, Pt. II”, the band certainly holds nothing back, giving us lyricism that remind us of the college lifestyle, but with professional quality and engineering that doesn’t feel like “just another college band”. This album has been circulating for a while, as it was originally given to close family and friends, but it is finally available on iTunes. So, give the album a listen, grab Don’t Pet The Sweaty Things on iTunes

iTunes: Point Break – Don’t Pet The Sweaty Things

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