Carnage EDC 2013 Aftermovie

Carnage has just released his own aftermovie of his performance this year at EDC Vegas. In the video he shows how in just one year he went from someone attending the festival as a fan, to being on the lineup himself and having thousands of fans flock to the BassPod stage to witness his set. The aftermovie presents just how much preparation Carnage put into his EDC Set, shows him talking to other big DJs who were there at the festival (12th Planet, Morgan Page, Tiesto, etc..), and of course shows him destroying his set!

As someone who was there during Carnage’s set, I’m glad he posted an aftermovie about it because it was absolutely insane! He dropped just about everything from dubstep, to big room house, and of course the ‘festival trap’ that he is known so well for. I stumbled into Carnage’s set unexpectedly with my crew and I’m so glad I did because it ended up being one of my top 5 sets of EDC. The entire crowd was raging hard as hell and just feeding off of Carnage’s energy, it was a beautiful thing. If you ever have the chance to see him live, make sure you do! You won’t regret it.

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!