Vengaboys – Hot Hot Hot (Landis Remix)


The Vengasboys. Haven’t heard that name in a long time…or at least since sophomore year of college. Name still not ringing a bell? Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom…I want you in my room. Ah…now you remember it!

Two weeks ago, we brought you the massive banger – Mojo by DJ Landis. Now he’s back at it again with a heavy electro remix to Vengaboys’ new track ‘Hot Hot Hot’.

I always thought the Vengaboys would be a one-hit wonder, but ‘Hot Hot Hot’ is pretty decent by itself, and with some help from Landis, we’ve got ourselves a certified club banger.

Wanna relive the glory days of Boom, Boom, Boom? Check out the old school video of the song after the jump…brings back some great memories, without question!

iTunes: Vengaboys – Hot Hot Hot (Landis Remix)

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