Ummet Ozcan – The Cube [Out Now] + (Official Music Video)

Beatport: Ummet Ozcan – The Cube (Original Mix)

Ummet Ozcan has instantly drawn my attention away from “just another one-time hit producer” to “damn, everything this man puts out is huge”. As underrated as he is even when his name is under the highly notable titled tracks such as: ‘The Code‘, ‘Airport‘, ‘The Box‘, ‘Here & Now‘, and now ‘The Cube‘. As all of his songs are similarly structured the same (not complaining) the suspenseful ambient build up the the somewhat war of the world type tripod trumpet sample (of course) fit into the current “big room” style (as Ummet Ozcan has before it was even a thing – oh)with a disgustingly phat kick drum and a vibe that would make you feel as if you’re starring at man with horse mask while on acid.

Anyways, this man will soon no longer need any type of introduction as every track that is set out is 10 stars. Be sure to catch Ummet Ozcan at Avalon, Hollywood – August 23rd.’The Cube‘ is out now via Spinnin’ Records.

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