Carnage & Tony Junior – Michael Jordan (Original Mix) [Out Now] + Ookay Remix


Carnage, better yet known as Diamante D(lowercase)J Carnage Chipotle Blackmon, also head honcho of A State of Carnage, has created (insert cliché definition of festival banger big room house track). In his previous productions slightly a year ago creating a few tracks under the genre ‘Festival Trap’, a year later with his collaboration with Tony Junior both give out a try of ‘Festival Anthem’, and what better way to title an anthemic track after basketball legend ‘Michael Jordan‘.

“When we were testing out the track, people jumped like crazy on it, so we thought about someone that could jump really high,” Junior explains. “Then Carnage said, ‘Let’s call it ‘Michael Jordan!’ And the name was born.” via BILLBOARD

Also, be sure to grab the ragged out homie Ookay‘s trap-hop version of ‘Michael Jordan‘ for free download. ‘Michael Jordan‘ is out via Dim Mak Records. UPANDUPANDUPANDUPANDUPITGOES! fyi: click the right arrow to listen through the tracks.

Beatport: Carnage & Tony Junior – Michael Jordan (Original Mix) | Ookay (Remix)

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