Selena Gomez – Birthday [Official Music Video] + ‘Stars Dance’ (Dubstep) Album on July 23rd

Alright alright, I’ll let you make sexy videos after watching Spring Breakers, Selena. You can break free of your Disney past and jump straight into Miley Cyrus sluthood for all I care. Please Please make videos of you twerking. But c’mon really a dubstep album….. Although I’ll admit from listening to the previews it’s more electronically/pop influenced that hard hitting wobbles. Anyways it’s her birthday today so she released a cleverly titled music video for a song called “Birthday”.

Edit: Been listening to the previews some more.. I hate to say it, this sounds pretty damn catchy. Watch out Krewella, Selena is coming for ya.

Preview the album dropping tomorrow Here

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