Sick Individuals – Drum Machine x Chase [Preview]


A few days ago, the Sick Individuals dropped two previews that, when officially released, are sure to be massive bangers. Here’s what the duo had to say about their upcoming tracks:

Drum Machine, also features a rhythmic, syncopated beat but the song soon goes on a different direction from the previous track. Featuring a 90-house style vocal sample and a driving, pounding beat, Drum Machine utilizes an energetic synth rhythm to keep this driving house anthem fresh and exciting.

Check out the Sick Individuals comments about their other preview Chase after the Jump, as well their latest released track Pepper and their remix of Timeflies – I Choose You.

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Chase, is a pulsating, rhythmic anthem that builds around an unforgettable organ melody that eventually drops, transforming the track into an EDM-style dancefloor smash.

Timeflies – I Choose U (Sick Individuals Remix)

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