Krewella – Live For The Night (W&W Remix) [Pete Tong World Premiere] (Remix EP On The Way)


Mind officially blown. Last night Pete Tong premiered a world exclusive of Krewella’s new hit – Live For The Night, the W&W remix. A couple of things about this track:

A) It’s about to take over the world
B) If you don’t like this track, stop listening to music. Period.
C) W&W are two of the hottest DJ’s on the planet right now, so combine that with the Krewella trio and we’ve got ourselves the biggest 5 headed monster I’ve ever seen!

On a side note, Pete Tong ruined the premiere. For those of you who actually listened to this track, what on earth was Pete Tong thinking. We get it Pete, you have a radio show, where you (excuse me, BBC) pay artists obscene amounts of money to premiere their tracks on your show. But to purposely thrown your name in a loop over the drop of this track is asinine and you should be ashamed. Don’t worry though, people weren’t listening to your show for you “Pete Tong”, they were listening for Krewella and W&W…

BTW, when Tong wasn’t running his mouth over this incredible track, Yasmine mentioned that they’ll be releasing a Live For The Night remix EP, with several other artists soon! DOPE!

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