Introducing : Dalton – God’s Green (Original Mix)


Let me preface any praise of this track by first saying, Dalton is a KILLER DJ. I went out to NYC for the birthday weekend and raged my face off and had the distinct pleasure of meeting him and seeing him play at Lavo. Amidst a neurotically charging cocktail of Redbull and Tequila, the soundtrack for my night couldn’t have been more perfectly calibrated.

God’s Green is a great synthesis of hip hop influence and electronic divergence, combining vocal cuts and Jay Z samples with lush pads and brilliantly composed drum play that visits half time back to your 128 bpm pleasure ground for EDM. Dalton does this all deftly and with a charged festival drop to tie it all together. Be sure to grab the free download.

Download : Dalton – God’s Green (Original Mix)

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