Project 46 vs Linkin Park (Shadow of the Day Mix) [Free Download]


As Project 46 close in on the illustrious 100K mark on Facebook, they continue to push their creative boundaries and keep us more entertained than ever. They asked for 500 likes on the above photo on their page to “unlock” this track – I think it took what, 3 minutes? Here they take on one of my all time favorite bands, Linkin Park. And although this is a freebie (as usual), the ARE asking for your help. Help to get the even bigger, and be able to do more cool shit for their fans. All you gotta do is VOTE for them in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJ’s polls, now open.

“Your vote is very important to us! We pride ourselves in FREE MUSIC and FREE giveaways but without the exposure, there is no touring and without the touring, none of this is possible! WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP! Voting is not required to receive the track but greatly appreciated!”


Free Download: Project 46 vs Linkin Park (Shadow of the Day Mix)

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