Jay-Z’s ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ Sells Over Half a Million Copies, Debuts #1 on Billboard


The final numbers are in. Forget about the instant platinum reaching 1,000,000 copies of Magna Carta… Holy Grail that Samsung bought and gave away for free to their customers… Because Jay-z officially sold another 528,208 his first week on the charts, positioning him at a well deserved #1! This actually beat out his sales for both The Blueprint 3 (465k) and Watch the Throne (476k).

Also this past week, J. Cole’s Born Sinner surpassed Yeezus, finishing at #3 this week after topping the charts last week. He should be breaking the 1/2 million mark in a week, 2 tops.

Wonder how long it takes HOV to go double platinum with MCHG? Be on the lookout for some official news regarding WTT 2 with Yeezy, as it has been all but confirmed. Should be interesting to see how they collab on the marketing for it, as both Jay and Ye approached their latest releases in creative as hell ways. Oh, and Bey has an album in the works.

And you can be sure the MCHG marketing ain’t over yet, so watch out for videos and who knows what else.


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