Na Palm – Ghosts (Prod. by Catching Flies)


A few years removed now, some of you may still remember Na Palm‘s Dirty Girls Like Dirty Beats mixtape – if you haven’t heard it yet I highly suggest you do. It was actually released before FITA was even started. On that tape, he had some ratchet party tunes many of you have probably heard. But it also had some gems like “Sober,” “Time To Rise,” and “Road To Fame,” that may very well have been forgotten, and for myself that’s when I knew Craig had a chance. Someone that could be so versatile with basically his debut project (he had a mixtape before that, but it wasn’t pushed too much), was going to blow up.

Fast forward THREE years now, and he’s ready to release his EP, Imaginarium. And with it, we have the first single, “Ghosts.” It’s safe to assume the project will have plenty of ragers for you all, but this one is a total change of pace, reminiscent to those gems from DGLDB. Here’s what he had to say about the track:

Ghosts is a metaphor about writing in solitude. I used that in stating that I spent a lot of time alone writing during this EP the last several months. I made a choice to alienate myself from the past party atmosphere I was constantly surrounded in, and really took a look inside myself at what changes needed to happen in my life in order to reach my goals and how I want to be remembered as an artist. It’s one of the most personal songs on the project and I wanted to show fans a vulnerable side they haven’t seen much yet.

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!