Introducing: 2ToneDisco (Tokyo Sunrise EP + Exclusive Interview)


As if it isn’t already pleasurable enough to listen to tracks you’ve never heard before, it’s even better to introduce those tracks to wider audience. Which is why I am proud to premiere 2ToneDisco‘s ‘Tokyo Sunrise EP‘. A very special release from Prep School Recordings as this EP reminds us all of the true meaning of dance music. Why? No lyrics, no sugar coated bullsh*t, just a lil something we can all groove and have a good time to (of course, at the beach or a rooftop in Hollywood Hills while sipping on a piƱa colada).

Moreover the season is summer and all around the world parties are abound, and what’s a party without music? If any summer playlist you have this should be included (hell, it even impressed my relatives). Anyways, I could go on and on about how fitting 2ToneDisco‘s EP fits with 80’s movie pool party scenes but rather have the duo from Arizona introduce themselves in an exclusive interview below.

Beatport: 2TONEDISCO – Tokyo Sunrise EP


Anything you would like to say about yourselves?

We are 2ToneDisco, a duo consisting of two highly motivated individuals who want to impact the current state of dance music.

What is 2ToneDisco?

A movement, a passion, and a unique musical project.

How did you two meet each other?

Well we both had solo projects, Omni had his as Omniboi with chip tune dance music and I had 2ToneDisco and it was solo at the time. We played a show together and decided to sit down to work on some tracks, it went so well that we adopted 2ToneDisco as the brand and turned it into the project you see today.

How did you two get into listening and producing electronic music?

I think both of us like to think there is an elaborate story behind our drive towards this music, but we both seemed to just fall into it. Omni was always into chip tune music and has played in a variety of bands and electronic music just grew on him after awhile. As for me I really got into production when The Bloody Beetroots, Justice, and all those electro groups were doing their thing. There was a lot of influence from various places, I think that is why as a group our music has a pretty unique sound to it.

Who or what inspires you?

Shirley Temples, videogame soundtracks, and the success and achievements of our friends and fellow artists.

Things you guys like to do outside of music?

Omni salsa dances and I edit video and collect art toys.

What are your thoughts about social media’s role in dance music?

It is almost everything these days, we feel it’s important to be connected with your audience/fan base because they make or break you. As much as we are not into how “People” magazine some dance music social media has gotten, we still feel it’s super important.

Hardest part about being a producer(s)?

Not knowing how people will react to certain tracks or sounds and really putting your creations out there to be enjoyed or sometimes judged.

What’s your connection to Prep School Recordings?

Well, honestly we just really enjoyed the stuff Prep School Recordings has been putting out. We decided to send them a demo of a bunch of tunes we had stacked up, and one thing led to another. They have made us feel like family, keeping in contact every step of the way and have helped us transform our sound into a vision.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Lot’s of music, we have only just begun. Oh and hopefully we will have a tour in the works.

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!