Pressure Cooker Ft. Ryan Ellingson – Only You (Stereoshock Remix)


Leave it to Stereoshock to bless your eardrums with progressive house masterpieces. This summery remix captures the ocean and background noises perfectly and the vocals are astonishing. Just a super uplifting track all together. Underwater noises too? Pretty next level. Pick this one up through Stereoshock’s Facebook page.

Over the course of my childhood and even to this day, I have always had fond memories of the beach. In this record, we hear about a love story in which I feel we all can relate to at some point in our lives. Through out the track, my goal was to compliment the emotions of the protagonist with vivid imagery of a summertime romance. The best way to truly feel this record, is to close your eyes and listen.

Download: Pressure Cooker Ft. Ryan Ellingson – Only You (Stereoshock Remix)

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