Superchilled Sundays (Ft. BEΛR//FVCE, Rameses B, Lorde & More) [Vol. 2]


So this was supposed to get up last Sunday, but I was too busy raging up at Summerfest in Milwaukee. This isn’t about raging though… 2nd installment of Superchilled Sundays. Kick back, relax and unwind to these tracks from BEΛR//FVCE, Rameses B, Lorde, Electus, Akouo, Zebra Safari, RAC, The Digital Connection, Johnny Astro, Ellie Goulding, Overhertz This Is No Limits and Yinyues. Added the This Is No Limits track at the last minute. Grab the download after jump as well as all the individual downloads.

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Download: Superchilled Sundays (Ft. BEΛR//FVCE, Rameses B, Lorde & More) [Vol. 2] .zip folder

Download: Atu ft.Sango – The Duo (Bear//Face Remix)

Download: Rameses B – Bring Me To Life (Ft. Charlotte Haining)

Download: Lorde – Tennis Court

Download: Electus – Auditory Hallucination

Download: Akouo – Hurcha (Full EP)

Download: Youth // Zebra Safari Remix

Download: Joywave – Tongues (ft. Kopps) (RAC Mix)

Download: The Digital Connection – Before The Sunset

Download: Johnny Astro – #Sober

Download: Ellie Goulding – I Need Your Love (Live Acoustic Version)

Download: Home by Jinx McGee ft. Sarah Stricklin & Domini (OverHertz Remix)

Download: Daft Punk – Get Lucky (Yinyues Cover ft. Ashley Callaway)

Download: This Is No Limits – One Mind

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!