Introducing: Riggi & Piros (Remixes + Interview)


Riggi & Piros are duo based out of New Jersey and have been grabbing everyone’s attention with their big room sound, pumping out a bootleg every Sunday for the fans and their most popular bootleg which right now is the newest “Levels” of dance music aka ‘Animals‘ by Martin Garrix, which has been supported by Hardwell and Clockwork, other notables as Jacob van Hage, UberJak’d, Oliver Heldens, and Porter Robinson (? may have heard it live, may have not – was drunk). Anyways, big things for these kids, so here is my obligatory saying to download and follow their music (here).

Oh and head over the jump to see what kind of questions I had the pleasure of asking these two in the exclusive interview below!


Anything you’d like to say about yourselves?

We love the genre of electronic music, we started mixing music as young as 8 or 9 on DSS-DJ. Our love for music grew when we first started to go to events such as Electric Zoo and club events. From that point on we knew we wanted to be producers and make our own music the way we liked it. We’ve been doing it ever since!

How did you guys meet?

We met in elementary school. On the first day of school, we were playing basketball during recess and I threw the ball at Riggi’s head. From then on we became best friends.

What are your backgrounds in dance music, production wise as well?

We’ve been producing music for about 2 years and just recently we started to release some of our newest remixes. Now, in our best efforts, we release a new project as a weekly event.

Whats the scene like in NJ and the East Coast?

The scene here is based mainly off EDM in my opinion, you hear it everywhere! There’s a bunch of events and festivals pulling younger and younger kids into the dance music wave.

Where do you guys draw inspiration from for music?

We hear famous DJs everyday, we have many inspirations. To name a few, there is Tiësto, Hardwell, and Clockwork. They have been our role models and we hope one day to be as big as them.

What do you think about the role social media plays in dance music?

The radio plays dance music everyday, its being blown up as we speak and its a great thing. Social sites such as Twitter, Soundcloud, etc. really help tracks gain major publicity. Everyone is getting on the EDM wave and we really don’t have a problem with it.

What are your plans for the future?

Well, sooner or later we hope to sign to a big label, but our biggest dream of all is to play in front of a huge crowd at a festival where the people come just to enjoy our music. It all seems as if it is possible now because our biggest role models are starting to support our tracks and talk to us, it feels surreal.

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!