Synchronice – Countdown EP [Out Now on Firepower Records] + Exclusive Interview


James and Will Salusky (Synchronice) have been killing it since day 1. I remember the first time I heard them in a Coldplay remix on a random blog when I instantly fell in love with their ability to combine melodic piano riffs and filthy growls all in one. Just a little more than a year after that, all their hard work and consistency is paying off, now with an official EP release on Datsik‘s label Firepower Records.

Beatport: Synchronice – Countdown EP

iTunes: – Synchronice – Countdown EP


This is actually an old interview I did with Synchronice back in February, but luckily they were nice enough to hop on the phone with me and talk about their EP, their time in the U.K., and plans for the future.

Anything you’d like to say about yourselves?

We are Synchronice and we’re going to try and actually give a semi-serious interview. I will say though that if there’s one thing you should know about me it’s that I’m almost always hungry and love breakfast. All the best food is breakfast food. Pancakes, eggs, biscuits, oatmeal, I love it all…I also make music. – James

We give very serious interviews, well sometimes. – Will

So how did your EP come about on Datsik’s label?

It’s funny actually, Datsik posted a status on Facebook on who he should be checking out and our fans blew us up to go hit him up, later that night he hit us up on Twitter asking to send him some stuff. (both James and Will then discussed whether when this happened on the same day the world was suppose to end – Dec. 21st, ha)

Any musical backgrounds?

We both have backgrounds in rock music and played in several bands over the last few years. I first picked up guitar a little over 9 years ago and Will started playing drums at about the same time. Musically writing dance music is definitely different than writing rock and metal but the time we spent in the studio as a band certainly helped us when we made the switch to producing. – James

We’ve been into playing music since we were kids, playing in bands and stuff like that. James would play guitar and I’d play drums, and I’ve played with a few other bands, nothing serious. I’ve taken a few music theory courses as well. – Will

What got you both into dance music and eventually producing it?

Funny enough, we both used to be huge critics of dance music. Like a lot of younger people, we were pretty close minded for awhile and it took a very enthusiastic friend who was very into EDM to get us into electronic music. I don’t really remember why we first started producing but for some reason it just clicked with us and we worked hard to get our songs up to a level where we were willing to show them to other people. EDM also offers a lot of freedom because recording guitars to a dance track seems to be more accepted than using synths in a rock track. – James

Mainly just exposure to it really, the more I heard it the more I liked it and after trying to produce it for fun we started to get into it. – Will

Describe your sound, cause I know you guys experiment with different genres. What other genres would you want to experiment with?

We come from a trance background and that’s definitely apparent in our breakdowns. We really like pulling elements from lots of genres to create new sounds. We used to write a lot of complextro but now we try to mix elements from that with prog house and heavier bases like the ones Far Too Loud and Dirtyloud have been using. As a result, it’s hard to lock down what we produce into any one sound, especially because we’ve written tracks in just about every genre from glitch to trance to drumstep. One thing that we always do in every track, no matter which genre it is, is have two unique drops. Writing half a song and copying and pasting it just doesn’t seem write. Lately we’ve been experimenting with future garage, drum and bass, and mixing trance with harder electro drops which has been a lot of fun. – James

I’d say the Synchronice sound is lots of melodic content in a powerful, energetic, heavy context. We definitely try to stay diverse, lately we’ve been playing around with a lot of progressive house and glitchy bass music. – Will

I’ve seen both of you live stream a couple times, how is that for you, will you do more?

It’s really cool. We’re mainly just stoked that people enjoy our music enough to want to see how we make it and it’s great to interact with our fans. We want it to feel like a big network of friends and live streams are a great way to bring everyone together. – James

It’s loads of fun, especially because we get to interact with our fans in real-time. We’re definitely going to be doing live streams a lot more; it’d be really cool to show everyone how we start a track from scratch. – Will

Who’s the laziest of you two?

Haha that’s difficult to say. We’re both pretty driven. There have been at least two times when we’ve really felt a track and started and finished them in a day. Over the summer we were producing for 10 hours a day on average for about a week to finish our EP. – James

Probably me haha, just waking up is a huge challenge. – Will

What does social media mean to you and how big of a role it plays with music (mainly EDM) nowadays?

Social media is a hugely helpful tool if it’s used right. Facebook was way better for getting out news before all the new updates which make it difficult for all the people who like a page to see posted content. We launched our website,, along with the EP so now we post a lot on there in addition to Facebook so it’s readily available for everyone. Twitter is also great for communicating with other artists and fans and posting all the ridiculous thoughts and ideas we have. All the social media sites, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc, make it so much easier to reach the people who enjoy our music and it’s crazy watching our following grow on each site. – James

Social media is essential to art today, especially with music since it’s become so heavily integrated into the industry. It’s very difficult to be a successful artist, especially in EDM unless your social media game is on point. – Will

How was it for James to visit the U.K. for some time while Will had to stay home?

It’s actually pretty weird since I had been gone for so long, I had missed on a couple things such as Will playing shows with 3LAU, Feed Me etc. but one of the hardest things was the 5hr time difference so we had to stick to sending each other stuff back and forth. Will actually came to visit and was able met up with all the Monster Cat people such as Tut Tut Child, Droptek etc. but i’m glad i’m back now that we can work at a faster pace and get more stuff done, but the U.K. was definitely a cool experience.

Anything else for the future? (Releases, Tour)

We’re actually going to be releasing a bonus track from the EP called ‘Threshold‘ pretty soon, and as far as tour dates we are playing at Webster Hall for the first time tomorrow. We’ve been there a couple times and it’s always crazy. As far as that you can expect us on the road sometime this fall.

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!