The Making of Pretty Lights’ New Album: ‘A Color Map of the Sun’ (Video Documentary)

Pretty Lights is dropping a new album soon, July 2nd to be exact, and he prepared a mini-documentary about his album’s production process. Perhaps 26 minutes isn’t that mini but the video provides really cool insights into the dedication and commitment Pretty Lights has sacrificed to deliver us his upcoming album, A Color Map of the Sun.

Via Press Release:

The film is made up of footage shot over the last two years as Pretty Lights traveled to New Orleans and New York to record musicians and vocalists, making his first album that uses no samples whatsoever. He spent a year composing, playing and recording music and vocals that emulated genres and time periods that spanned the last century, then pressed it all to vinyl. He then used that vinyl along with a custom built analog modular synth to create A Color Map of the Sun. The resulting album is analog electronica – soulful, electro hip-hop that pays respect to music’s immense power to touch listeners emotionally, kinetically and inspirationally.

I think this documentary is amazing. Pretty Lights is such a cool dude who loves and appreciates his craft. Do yourself a favor and peep this awesome video that will for sure get you excited about Pretty Light’s newest and upcoming project, A Color Map of the Sun.

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A Color Map of the Sun

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