New Eminem “Symphony in H” Premiered On Shade 45


TONY TOUCH #TOCATUESDAYS from Shade 45 took to Twitter to hype his upcoming album Piece Maker 3: Return of the 50 Mcs (pre-order here), dropping news that one of the 25 tracks is from none other than Eminem. It didn’t take long for #SymphonyH, the title of the track, to trend world wide on Twitter. And you can now hear the radio rip below! Hit the jump to find out just what the “H” stands for.

Now, this isn’t from Em’s next solo album, slated to drop in 2013… but it’s something. It’s still slated for a “post-Memorial Day” release, and with the summer being a hot time to drop albums, I think we can expect some more buzz around Marshal in the months to come. No official release date, or title, or anything yet, but it should definitely come in 2013. Hopefully.

What does the “H” in Symphony H stand for? Find out below:



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