Inpetto – Girls and Boys [Out Now]


Inpetto has officially released their latest tune or better yet summer anthem ‘Girls and Boys‘. As previewed several weeks ago via Sander van Doorn as well as played throughout certain radio podcasts, the catchy original lyrics of Blur‘s same titled track ‘Girls and Boys‘ mashed in together with Inpetto‘s signature progressive melodies would be a bit hard to not follow along and move your body.

So, what do the lyrics – “Girls who are boys, Who like boys to be girls, Who do boys like they’re girls, Who do girls like they’re boys”, actually mean? Fun Fact: “this song deals with sexual roles, and freedom of sexual preference. Much of it is a send-up of the hedonistic club culture of the ’90s” via SongFacts. ‘Girls and Boys‘ is now available via Doorn Records.

Beatport: Inpetto – Girls and Boys (Original Mix)

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