Backside of Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’ Emerges With Credits, Leak Eminent?


Here’s some confirmation of the authenticity of the Yeezus tracklist that’s now been floating around since the listening session a couple days ago. You’ll see a much more detailed list samples and other contributors. The full list will be available on though.

As you’ll also notice, this appears to be a physical copy of the CD, so it looks like all the finishing touches have been made, and it’s ready to go June 18th – but it also means and someone’s gotten a hold of it. Sure, there’s yellow tape instead of the definitely confirmed red tape.. but it’s Yeezy so who knows. Can we expect a leak as early as today? With just 5 days to go, it would be a remarkable feat if it doesn’t leak, I’m almost kind of hoping it holds out till the official release… but who am I kidding, can’t wait to bump some new Yeezy!

Be sure to check out his latest update, an in studio recording snippet of “I Am A God.”

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