Pacific Air – Stop Talking (Chill Indie/Pop Debut LP)

pacific air

Pacific Air first caught my attention when their hit single “Float” meandered its way to my ear drums one shitty day back in February. I was thinking to myself, wow this song will be awesome once summer time hits. Well folks, that time is finally here. They released their debut LP Stop Talking yesterday on iTunes and for their first full-length, this is incredible. Simple riffs and melodies that just are driven home with sweet subtle harmonies. The perfect balance of sounds that encompass a terrific indie/pop record. If you like the work that the Lawhon brothers (Ryan & Taylor) have done in just about a year to get this out to you guys, support em on iTunes or catch em at a show. I’m seeing em in 2 weeks at Schubas (super tiny room) in the Chi.

All of us here at FITA have very distinct and diverse tastes in music, and we all have our niches. There will always be a soft spot in my heart for a fantastic, indie, alternative, rock, punk project cause that’s the shit I grew up on. I listened to the album all the way through last night and had to share with you how epic it is.

iTunes: Pacific Air – Stop Talking (Debut LP)

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