Crush – Ashley Wallbridge [LE7ELS Label Preview]

Today we have a short preview of Ashley Wallbridge’s new track Crush, which will be featured on Avicii’s LE7ELS and available on Beatport come June 10th.

Don’t mind the music video because it’s extremely bizarre and seems to have taken a “Scream” theme to it, but once the bass kicks in (at 0:14) there’s no doubt this will be a massive banger. It also has the label and support of being released on LE7ELS, so you know it’ll be good.

Interesting side note, the brief preview that we do have sounds all too familiar. Check it out after the jump to see which track Crush sounds eerily similar too.

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Anyone remember Kendo by Nari & Milani? If not, go ahead and take a listen below, fast forward to 1:08 (the drop) and tell me it doesn’t sound almost identical to Crush.

We’ll see how the full version of Crush sounds in a few days, but hopefully we aren’t presented with another “Will.I.Am” situation, especially since this is coming from Avicii…


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