Hello Chicago – Topher Jones and Amada ft. Ido vs. TheWorld (Topher’s Festival Mix)


With less than two weeks until the Spring Awakening Festival shakes the grounds of my hometown, Chicago, Topher Jones has been so kind to release a new festival edit of his track Hello Chicago. Sure I may have a bias here because I’m from Chicago, but this track (and the original) are massive anthems and are sure to bring thousands of people together, yelling these lyrics in harmony.

I can’t get over how great these vocals are, and to add icing to the cake, Topher will be playing at Spring Awakening on Sunday June 16th (you can find the full lineup and schedule after the jump).

If you haven’t been to Chicago before, or have any desire to visit, Spring Awakening would be the perfect opportunity. Nothing better than the city lights in the harbor, or watching the sun rise on the water…HELLO CHICAGO, Topher Jones coming at ya!

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