Flosstradamus – Lana’s Theme (FREE DRINKZ RE-TWRK)

free drinkz

So I have just been like super super heavy into trap lately. And when I saw FREE DRINKZ remixed Floss… I about cried. Especially since it is Floss’s Lana remix. I was nervous at first to see how the duo would try to tackle it, cause Floss’s remix is stellar, but this is a festival ready tune if I have ever heard one. Def not a re-work, but a re-twerk. Twerk dat ass.

Download: Flosstradamus – Lana’s Theme (FREE DRINKZ RE-TWRK)

If you aren’t very familiar with FREE DRINKZ, it’s cause they are relatively new to the game, but making big moves (We’ve featured them in Trap Tuesday before). A Mexican and a Jew who don’t know each other’s real names… Yeah. Sounds like a couple of guys I would like to rage with.

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