Introducing: Jamie Drastik – Chasing Shadows (Ft. Pitbull & Havanna Brown) + Exclusive Q&A


I recently had the privelege of interviewing a burgeoning talent by the name of Jamie Drastik. Drastik is rapper/musician signed to Pitbull‘s Mr. 305 record label, who just released his debut single on iTunes, “Chasing Shadows“. The song which features Pitbull and female vocalist Havanna Brown is a feel-good dance tune with an immense replay value. Drastik’s verses are lyrical, meaningful, and fresh complementing the track’s superb production and awesome features wonderfully. Listen to the song’s stream below and support Jamie Drastik by purchasing the new song off of iTunes. Lastly, be sure to check out the Q&A with Drastik who took the time, between grinding in the studio, to introduce himself to Fist In The Air!

iTunes: Jamie Drastik – Chasing Shadows (Ft. Pitbull & Havanna Brown)

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Exclusive Q&A:

So Jamie, tell us a bit about yourself…Where you’re from, who you grew up listening to, and what kind of music music you make.

My name is Jamie Drastik, grew up in Dutchess County NY. Grew up listening to hip hop, 90s pop rock, and a lot from the Motown era. I make music that stems from experiences I’ve had or things I have seen around me. It can come in the form of hip hop, club, dance, and or pop.

How did you get into the music industry originally? Were you in a band, a dj, or did you just start rapping?

My first experience with music was as a Dj in junior high school. I would Dj the school dances and some friends house parties. By the time I made a move into the actual industry, I had already decided to rap instead of Dj. I put out a indie album in high school and sold a bunch of copies at school, at local football games, and local basketball games.

You’re dubbed as Pitbull’s protege. How does this title make you feel and what is it like collaborating with him?

It’s always a positive thing to be looked at in similar light of anything with that magnitude of success. I have really been a sponge around him and watched the way he handles business and have applied some of the same ethics to my grind. We have collaborated a number of times and they always seems to be his most “lyrical” song on his albums.

Does Pitbull have any influence over your lyrics, sound, or style, or do you have creative control?

He gives suggestions on the structure of the record because he’s got that shit down to a science and knows how to manipulate the listener to hear the song in the order that’s most appealing to their subconscious. I’ve been given the freedom to record what and how I want, but always open to his suggestions.

You just dropped a new single Chasing Shadows? What has the reaction been like from fans and friends, and how does it feel to have a song available on iTunes?

Reactions has been massive, biggest reaction on a record that I have out out to date. Havana Brown’s fans have been amazing, so supportive! Of course the Pitbull fans are always amazing as well. The Jamie Drastik fans have been long awaiting a release like this and are happy it’s here. It’s exciting to have the record on iTunes. I’m happy people have immediate access to the song.

What do you want to be remembered for? What kind musical legacy do you want to leave behind?
Not sure if the artist is in complete control of leaving a musical legacy. But I am in control to leave a legacy as a man. And I want people to remember me as someone who was fair, honest, worked hard, and found solutions from every problem.

Anything else you want the FITA audience to know about Jamie Drastik, the artist?

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