Drop City Yacht Club – Crickets (Viceroy Remix)


Alright people. This, right here, is my swa…….. JK. SUMMER ANTHEM! I mean if you listen to or are familiar with Viceroy at all, you know his tagline… “Summertime, All The Time.” The addicting soft synths, head bopping beat, and crafting of the verses and super smooth hook make this one helluva summer remix! I will be playing this one poolside, on the boat, in the car with the windows down, whatever the case may be, you name it. With Memorial Day weekend upon us… Summer is officially almost here and let this be the jam to kick off #Summer2013!

This will be out officially on Beatport in a couple weeks! We will remind you when it is officially released!

Check out the original video Ft. Jeremih HERE.

For now keep up with all things Viceroy through his website, Soundcloud, Twitter, and YouTube channel.

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