Giorgio Moroder – Live at Deep Space Set [Listen! This Is Why Daft Punk Wanted a Collab]


Brace yourself for the Retro Swag only capable by THE MAN himself Giorgio Moroder, with his first ever DJ Set captured for pure jamming/baby-making music. Some of you may only recognize him as “That Guy” from the new Daft Punk album. Or from the Daft Punk Collaborators series in which he was featured in Episode 1. Or maybe from his latest release “Racer“.

I don’t think I could accurately describe the immense history and influence he has had from soundtracks (Midnight Express, Scarface), to award winning collabs with Donna Summer and David Bowie, regardless this man is a legend in every sense. Just click play you will understand. I feel like my ears just had their cherry popped.

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