Kanye West Debuts “New Slaves” Projected On 66 Buildings All Over The World


After premiering “Awesome” in NYC earlier this week, Kanye West debuted “New Slaves” across the world last night.


Since holograms are the thing nowadays, Yeezy took to projector screens to start full fledged promo for his upcoming album, possibly due out exactly a month from today, June 18th. The video was aimed at 66 buildings stretching numerous cities: New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Berlin, Toronto, and Sydney. In his hometown of Chi City, his face spanned a wall of Wrigley Field and more. In NYC, it manifested itself on the wall of the 5th Avenue Prada store and a few others. Truly a grandiose feat you’d expect from Kanye. Also, is that him singing the hook?

In this day and age when most discover new music online via blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc., what Yeezy did last night, to me at least, is truly incredible. He brought the world outside to unite and listen to music. That’s some power (no pun intended) right there. It’s also some real original marketing.

Be on the lookout for hopefully even more new music, or at least a better rendition of “Awesome” or “New Slaves” when West hits up SNL.

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