Introducing: Together ft. Daphne – Believe (Preview)


If you thought 3 Swedish men could rock the dance world for one last time, could you imagine OVER ONE HUNDRED Swedish kids joining forces to form a powerhousemonopoly whose motives are not to milk the money of the North American dance music industry in it’s prime but to bring awareness to one of the worlds most ignored issues of world-wide hunger, ladies and gentlemen – TOGETHER. With just over 9,000 (ha) plays in 2 days on the groups track ‘Believe‘ in collaboration with Australian singer/song-writer Daphne Khoo, primary goal is to donate the proceeds of the track to Swedish charity – Hungerhjälpen also known as “House for Hunger” which was supported by none other Avicii and his infamous manager Ash Pournouri.

So, in light of all that’s wrong in the world whether it’s school, political issues, or personal transitional stages, there’s at least some hope to yourself that artists and producers are able to take the opportunity to do what they love and give back to not only feel good about themselves and shed back light on what the dance music community will and always stand for but to help those who do not have the same opportunity as others and at the same time encourage those who do have the opportunity to give back instead of the chase of glitter and glam lifestyle of the modern day DJ. – ‘Believe‘ will be available for purchase this Monday, May 20th.

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