Introducing: Sweat Box – That Ride [Official Music Video] (Producer for Hoodie Allen, Yonas, Mac Miller)

Teddy Roxpin (producer for Hoodie Allen, Mac Miller, Tayyib Ali, Moosh & Twist, Yonas, and more) has recently formed a group called Sweat Box. The group will be releasing their first LP, Surrounded By Vinyl, releasing June 4th. Some serious laid back music here. What I enjoy most about what they’re doing, is actually tracking out live instruments which adds to the production value. Also, make sure to cop Mac Miller’s Playing Movies With The Sound Off on June 18th, as Teddy landed a placement on that.

Teddy Roxpin – Production and Keys
Dani Ummel – Vocals
Ricky Bakken – Live Bass
Danny Halligan – Saxophone and Vocals

Click To Download: Sweat Box – That Ride

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Sweat Box

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