[4/20] Magnetic Music Festival Review

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I love the fact that we have awesome promoters such as Liquified and Disco Donnie Presents that realize ATL is ready for the EDM invasion. I honestly think this was one of the best events I have ever been too. I don’t even know where to begin with the stages, the photos are the only thing that can even do the Digital Distortion Stage (pictured above) justice. I have never seen a festival where a so called “side stage” had just as much excitement as the main stage. That’s not taking away from the main stage at all with the influx of trance in Dash Berlin, and Markus Schulz, plus none other than Kid Cudi himself. Kennesaw stadium, which is basically this megaplex of assorted sports fields, was perfect for 3 different stages, and had plenty of space for all the attendees. Also these amazing photos (facebook album) were taken by my photographer Stefan Jobe & Also Evan Jones of Parallaxd Photography, thanks guys!

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Tommie Sunshine – First time experiencing Tommie live, and it was like watching your hippie Grandpa, know exactly what to play to get a festival crowd’s rocks off. I had no expectations coming in, and now I’m definitely a huge fan of Tommie. Definitely worth checking out, if you haven’t heard of him before.

Flosstradamus – We all know they have been running the trap for some time now, but damn if I didn’t see more girls twerk in 60 minutes, than I had in my life time. The Hoodie boys took the stage, and easily ran the trap harder than anyone else performing.

Cazzette – We have interviewed this duo at FITA before, and already knew what amazing personalities they have. But seeing them live is an experience in it’s own. This was my second time seeing them in as many months, and wow one of the best sets aimed at a crowd I have seen. They are already armed with massive set of huge hits, but watching them have a blast in front of the crowd, doesn’t fail to hype it up even more.

Adventure Club – Wow what a diverse set. Leighton is one of the few artists that can drop originals, hardstyle (next big thing in the US), and throw in some metalcore songs mid-set, and not have the crowd lose rhythm one bit. Doesn’t hurt that he’s dating Yasmine of Krewella

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Markus Schulz – Markus was my first trance experience ever and it was no let down. Great warm up for Dash and I hope to attend a concert solely dedicated to trance because of this experience.

Zeds Dead – Determining when to leave Zeds Dead and head to Dash Berlin, is possibly one of the hardest decisions I have had to make since being a kid in the candy isle with 30 seconds to spare before Mom says we are leaving. These two could literally play a set of only their originals and I think we would all be happy. Needless to say another great set, and the Digital Distortion stage, once again stole the stage.

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Dash Berlin – I spent weeks before Magnetic refreshing my iTunes with Trance and listening to all the A State of Trance sets. None of them were able to even do a small amount of justice to witnessing Dash live. Dude looked like he was not only having a blast on stage, he kept the crowd entertained throughout the whole set.

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Flux Pavilion – I think the best words to describe his set would be Magical and High Energy. The digital distortion stage was jam packed all the way to the back with dubheads, womping to their hearts desire. I’m going to have to highly recommend to any EDM fans to make sure to see Flux live at some point in the near future.

Kid Cudi – So there were some shenanigans with Cudders that had to do with him being a drama queen and not wanting to share the spotlight with Flux. Basically he delayed 30 mins late, fully knowing that sound ordinance for the city would shut him down at 11, this was in no way the promoters fault, but just Cudi being Cudi. However for what he did perform, it was phenomenal. Dude has so much energy, really interacted with the fans, and just honestly looked like he was having a blast performing it. And although I’m not a huge fan of his new indie approach, it sounded live just like it did on the new album.

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