FITA Presents: Stafford Brothers – Something Big Episode #19 (Ft. Nari & Milani) + Exclusive Interview


Today we are proud to present the latest episode of the Stafford Brothers‘ #SomethingBig series featuring Nari & Milani! We also had a chance to learn more about Australia’s biggest DJ’s who have done everything from starred in a TV show to signing with Cash Money. You can read more about them in our exclusive interview after the jump!

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Catch the tracklist and interview here:

01: ‘GET LUCKY’ (Hot Mouth & The Frederik Edit) Daft Punk feat. Pharrell
02: ‘WARP 13’ Denzal Park
03: ‘DON’T BLAME THE CALLING FOR KILLIN IT’ (Stafford Brothers Bootleg) Bingo Players Vs Krewella Vs Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso
04: ‘PHANTOM’ (Kid Massive remix) Alex Lamb
05: ‘TECHNO SATURDAY’ Nom De Strip
06: ‘DAFTASTIC PROMISES PON DE FLOOR’ (Stafford Brothers Bootleg) Nero vs Dyro vs Major Lazer
07: ‘ACHTUNG!’ Dave Winnel feat. Will Reckless
08: ‘LOCKED OUT OF HOME’ (Sultan & Ned Shepard remix) Bruno Mars Vs Nicky Romero Vs NERVO
09: ‘DYNAMO’ Laidback Luke & Hardwell
10: ‘WE ARE YOUNG’ (Sultan & Ned Shepard club mix) Vassy
11: ‘BROHAMMER’ (Nari & Milani remix) Topher Jones feat. The Heroes Of Old
12: ‘BACK AGAIN’ Nari & Milani, R3hab & MYNC
13: ‘ATOM’ Nari & Milani
14: ‘I REMEMBER’ Deadmau5 feat. Kaskade

Exclusive Interview:

So tell us a bit about yourselves. Who you guys are, where you’re from? Who’s older?

We are the Matt and Chris Stafford (Stafford Brothers). We are from Australia and are currently living in LA. Matt is older and better looking……

How did you get into the music industry originally? What came first, Djing or production?

We played a lot of instruments growing up, and Chris started producing in school on a program called dance Ejay, and we used to give tracks to Djs in the clubs to play. But around that time we also got our first gig, so both of them grew together.

How’s the music scene down under? EDM big?

Massive. For us EDM has been the biggest scene for the last 10 years, festivals have been huge, but there became so many festivals that it sort of saturated the market and now only the main big strong ones are surviving. Clubs have been up and down over the last couple of years.
I think every thing is in cycles and the USA is at the beginning of what will be a large 5 – 7 years.

What do you think about the American EDM market?

WE love it, its fresh, the crowds are really up for it and everyone is embracing it. It feels like australia 6 or 7 years ago.

So what kind of music do guys produce? Track you’d say you’re most known for?

We make big room house/electro type sounds. We have had records that are hits in Australia but that haven’t crossed to other countries. Right now, our latest single “Hello” with Lil Wayne and Christina Milian has gone platinum in Australia, its about to drop here.

What really helped push you onto the scene? I hear you guys have (had?) your own reality TV show? Tell us a little about that.
The TV show came after our success as Djs, it was a side thing and we have done 2 seasons and are currently negotiating a third.
Music and touring really pushed us onto the scene in our home country and we have been playing Europe and Asia for the last 7 years. The TV show is on in 20 countries around the world, but many of those countries we have never even DJd in!

And now, throwing all humbleness aside, you guys were rated the #1 DJ’s in Australia in 2011 and 2012. How’s 2013 looking?

It’s something thats voted for by the public so its always good to do well in those things. Because we have been in the USA mostly this year I think it will be harder to take out again, but we always have had a strong fan base back home. We are back in Australia for a month of shows in June so will be good to rock out there.

You got to collaborate with Lil’ Wayne and Cash Money Records recently, tell us about how that came about? How was that experience?

We moved to the USA to work with American artists and its all starting to come together. We have signed a deal with Cash money records as their first EDM acts. Lil wayne is someone we have always wanted to work with, and its all coming together nicely, Cash money has such a great stable of artists.

What’s your favorite show you’ve performed so far? Dream stage to perform on?

We haven’t really got a single favorite show, there have been so many great times. I guess to do something like the Swedish House Mafia where you are selling out Madison Square Garden on your own would be legendary.

Artist you’d want to collaborate with the most?

Drake, any of the Swedish House Mafia, Pharrell, AC/DC, Elvis….

Thoughts on the Daft Punk Random Access Memories album and all the hype associated with it? Have you heard the leak yet?
The hype has been probably some of the best Ive ever seen, have only heard some of the leak today as have been crazy busy!

So what’s next for the Stafford Brothers? Any big releases, performances? Anything you want the fans to know?

We have a load of new singles coming out, a new track every month, and a lot of performances around the world over the summer. We also start our new residency at The light in Las vegas which we are pumped for. Just get on our Facebook page or twitter and join the ride!

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!