New Daft Punk Tracks To Air On BBC Radio 1 Monday?


11 hours from now, you will most likely be hearing something new from Daft Punk! There are of course tons of rumors flying around that the live stream will go live tomorrow (technically later today) on iTunes. As amazing as that could be, and as hopeful I am… I will not be holding my breath.

But now we are hearing that BBC Radio 1‘s Zane Lowe has some new Daft Punk tracks after an “in depth chat” with the duo! Here’s the “official hint” on Zane’s channel.

The show airs at 7 PM local time, which is 1 PM EST and 11 AM PST. You’ll be able to listen here.

While it doesn’t blatantly state that those new tracks will be played… there is a great chance as we near the album’s May 21st release date. Have you pre-ordered Random Access Memories yet?

Anyway, we’ll keep you updated, and keep checking back for DP news.


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