FITA On Air Presents Vol. 6: Anna Yvette (Guest Mix + Exclusive Interview)


My first introduction to Anna Yvette was on Machine Gun Kelly’s album. Since then we have heard her magical voice on countless records most recently over some great EDM. We’ve even seen her produce a hip hop beat AND provide the vocals for a track as well. Earlier this week Anna had a killer set for our “FITA House Party” on Mixify, and we knew we had to recruit her to kick the weekend off right for the latest FITA On Air. We also linked up with her for an exclusive interview so you can learn more about one of the rising star in the industry. She’s a singer, a writer, a producer, she can DJ, and more!

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Tracklist & Exclusive Interview after the jump!

1. Tangerine Dream – Unicorn Theme (0:00)
2. David Heartbreak feat. Anna Yvette – Heartbroken (0:24)
3. Kill Paris – Keep Your Secrets in Midnight City (3:06)
4. Sazon Booya and Anna Yvette – Secret Heart (5:20)
5. Dirt Monkey feat. Anna Yvette – Hurt So Good (7:44)
6. Ember Waves feat. Anna Yvette – On My Own (10:22)
7. Popeska feat. Anna Yvette – Atlantis (12:25)
8. Oliver – MYB (15:11)
9. Soulero feat. Anna Yvette – The World (16:18)
10. Popeska and Anna Yvette – As The World Falls Down (19:52)
11. MitiS feat. Anna Yvette – WIP (Rawr Rawr) – (24:00)
12. Mountblood feat. Anna Yvette – Feel You In My Blood – (25:07)
13. Paris & Simo vs Archie feat. Anna Yvette, Krewella, Pendulum, Dada Life (3LAU Bootleg) (28:24)
14. Diplo feat. Anna Yvette – ‘Twerk All Night (33:10)
15. Tristam – Truth (Anna Yvette Remix) (36:15)
16. Evol Intent feat. Anna Yvette – The Other Side (38:43)
17. Niko the Kid feat. Anna Yvette – Judgement Day (43:00)
18. Point.Blank feat. Anna Yvette Divide (45:08)
19. Bro Safari and UFO! feat. Anna Yvette – Chimbre (46:48)
20. Anna Yvette – Scars (51:05)
21. Computer Club and Must Die! feat. Anna Yvette – Win or Lose (54:28)
22. Grum – Power (58:37)

At what age did you realize you could sing and what were your musical interests as a kid?

I started playing piano as soon as I was big enough to reach it, and started taking lessons. Then I learned how to play the violin and the cello, and in high school i learned how to play the guitar because my friends wouldn’t let me join their band because keyboards weren’t cool…. and taught myself how to play drums and bass after that. I didn’t start singing until I was 18 or so and I definitely did NOT think i was good (because I was in a hardcore/punk band). Anything to do with music interested me growing up. If there was music, I was there.

Most people know you for your vocals, but don’t realize you are also a very talented producer. Which one is your favorite and why?

Thank you for the compliment! I don’t know if I could choose a favorite because they go hand in hand. I attribute being a good vocalist to being a good producer because I’ve worked with so many artists and I know what it takes to get a good performance out of someone, and I also know what a producer needs as far as vocals and production are concerned.

Please explain to the public your fascination with UNICORNS!!!!


For the producers out there, what DAW do you use?

Pro Tools for tracking and mixing ALWAYS. Logic and Abelton 9 for making beats, and I use Ableton when I do live shows and play instruments to loop things in real time… so fun!

What do you do when you aren’t in the studio, hobbies etc. (pretend you actually have a life)?

I go on epic bike rides.

When you are writing a song what is the process you go through, what do you look to for inspiration, what do you do when you get stuck?

It’s different every time. Sometimes I start on the piano or guitar, sometimes I just pull up a synth or start making a beat, or sometimes I have a certain color pattern i want to make into music, or I’ll hear a song and just start playing it and it inspires me to write a new song. I just let it happen and the song just runs it course from there. I look to real situations and things in my life or my loved ones lives for inspiration, sometimes I’m inspired by a complete stranger, as long as it’s a real experience that resonates. When I get stuck… I used to just keep pushing and working but I’ve found that for me that is the worst thing to do… sometimes you have to walk away when you’re stuck and do something else because you just haven’t discovered that last bit of the song yet. you have to go out to a bar and meet some random person so they can tell you a story and then you have your “aha!” moment.

What’s the most off the wall artist that you listen too?

Sleepy Time Gorilla Museum

10 duck sized horses, or one horse sized duck?

10 duck sized horses!!!! how CUTE WOULD THAT BE!!!!!!

What does the future hold for Anna Yvette?

Continuing to collab with other inspiring artists and producers, putting out my own EP and going on a world wide unicorn tour and making people happyyyyy. Also one day I would really love to learn how to play the harp and own a pink omnichord.

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Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!