Daft Punk – Giorgio by Moroder (Preview)


I’m way too tired of unconfirmed Daft Punk hype but it’s our job to keep you informed and to let you make your own inferences, so we will post this low quality preview of what appears to be the first listen to yet another track off Random Access Memories, the one with legendary Giorgio Moroder. Seems legit though.

As you’ll hear, it sounds like Giorgio begins speaking on the collaboration, then he introduces himself. And then, disco happens.

In fact, this may even be the listen that NME had the privilege of giving the review on? Check this quote, and compare it to the intro:

“…Over a cocktail party soundtrack (veering here and there through sharp cosmic disco), Moroder tells us how he used to sleep in his car as he went around the discotheques of Germany hatching a plan to make a record that drew on the sounds of the 50s, 60s, 70s and “THE FUTURE”. Well, he succeeded, didn’t he? In fact, “We put a click on the 24-track [cue click track]… and I knew that could be the sound of the future”. Everyone’s pretty much hugging themselves in delight at this point. Then, at about two minutes there’s a drop for Moroder to announce, “My name is Hansjörg Giovanni, but everyone calls me Giorgio” – and everything goes ape with seven minutes of techno odyssey that moves from squirty synth to lounge bar electric piano to circling strings to clattering breakbeats to jacking hip-hop before the bass bounces down comically to nothing.”

Spotted at SIS

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