Cazzette – Beam Me Up (iTunes Release + Remixes)


Premiere duo Cazzette has finally released their electro-poppy club banger ‘Beam Me Up’ via iTunes. Check below for full interview and review of my experience with the two back in February this year at Avalon, Hollywood. Also, don’t forget to check remixes from Maurizio Gubellini, DJ’s From Mars, Didrick, Alex Louder, and Ivan Gomez & Nacho Chapado.

Purchase via iTunes: Cazzette – Beam Me Up (Single)


You might’ve already seen this interview posted but since I never really got around to promoting the original article, I came across these wonderful takes of ‘Beam Me Up’ by Cazzette and thought why not shamelessly double promote whilst giving you some ear candy for your dance music pleasures. Anyways, let’s talk about these remixes I found. I like them, which why I put them here.

Okay, enough about the remixes let’s talk about how this interview went down. After a wild show at the Hollywood Palladium the previous weekend with Porter Robinson I was back at it on correspondent duties stressing out because I was not only interviewing Cazzette but as well as James Egbert and Project 46 (which will be coming soon) who were playing at Avalon, Hollywood the same night. Essentially I was losing my mind the entire night as everything was blowing me up between interviews, calling and meeting friends, going in and out hotel rooms and lobbies moving equipment etc. It was mad (typical Hollywood, I’m still a rookie). Speaking of Hollywood, anyone who hangs in and out Tinseltown knows that running into celebrities is no big deal (seriously) and guess who I run into the hotel lobby 3 hours prior to when I was scheduled to meet? Alex (blonde, left) from Cazzette, as well as his wonderful fiancé.

Fast forward to the interview – was first acquainted with Cazzette’s lovely publicist as my buddy Oliver from iEnlive was closing his interview. Later spoke to Olle (the man who films all the tour videos) as Alex and I formally re-introduced ourselves as well as Sebastian (whom I found was the same age as me, 19). The interview went well though I was nervous as ever since it was the biggest artist interview I’ve done (global fan-base wise) as well as the fact we were on a schedule due to that we were the last to interview them before they preformed. The show was awesome, unfortunately didn’t get to catch neither Project 46 or James Egbert but as you can tell from the few clips of interview there were a lot of great moments throughout the night. From pretending to take pictures of the usual selfie club girls, raging in the crowd with my friends, and even kicking it backstage with Ash Pournouri (Cazzette and Avicii’s manager). Just another night out. (special thanks to Robert for helping with all the equipment and lighting and Caroline for setting everything up).

Download: Cazzette – Beam Me Up (Maurizio Gubellini Remix)

Download: Cazzette – Beam Me Up (DJ’s From Mars Remix)

Download: Cazzette – Beam Me Up (Didrick Remix)

Download: Cazzette – Beam Me Up (Alex Louder Remix)

Download: Cazzette – Beam Me Up (Right Here Right Now Mix)

Download: Cazzette – Beam Me Up (Ivan Gomez & Nacho Chapado Dub Remix)

Download: Cazzette – Beam Me Up (Instrumental Mix)

Download: Cazzette – Beam Me Up (Suver Nova Mix)

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