Candyland & Clark Kent Vs. Slow Skies – On The Shore


Candyland and Clark Kent are a potent combination, both in and out of the studio. Good friends off the internet, and fast growing names in the dance music scene, it was only a matter of time before a collaboration manifested itself.

The aural aptitude in this composition defies even the mood it conveys. The production creates an ethereal atmosphere with lurking, ambient keys and orchestral elements dancing between reverberating snares and piano keys. All of this sets the stage for the hauntingly beautiful voice of Slow Skies, an artist who complements the production as perfectly as is possible before a drop that would make the stars cry erupts between growling bass hits, and soaring synth pads that evoke the sensation of watching waves crash to shore.

Download : Candyland & Clark Kent Vs. Slow Skies – On The Shore

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