Spinnin’ Records “Animals” track is by… well no one knows yet

What has been floating around as a Hardwell x GTA collab for about 24 hours now (but has been debunked by Hardwell which is why we haven’t posted it yet), now appears to have it’s true creators on the ticket. This huge track from Martin Garrix and what appears to be the Bassjackers (some are saying the second is Sidney Samson though?) will be heard at music festivals around the world this summer that is for sure. This. Is HUGE. Filled with massive, uplifting sounds you’d expect in such anthems, “Animals” also comes equipped with plenty of unique melodies and instruments to make this truly an “original mix.” This will be out on Spinnin’ Records. Rage on my friends. Update: looks like this 5 minute version is a fake anyway (thx to a FB tip)… but it’s a damn good fake so it works for now but we’ll update you on the legit version whenever we get our hands on it.

Long story short, no one has any idea on who created “Animals” just yet, but it’s hot Hardwell x GTA, it’s not Martin Garrix with Bassjackers or Sidney Samson… so who is it?

Download: Animals (Original Mix) [Probably A Fake]


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