Kanye West Tweets About New Album Release Date?


No one knows what it means, but is provocative…gets the people goin!

Seriously though. No one has a clue what Kanye West meant with his tweet this morning, which read – “June Eighteen”. We can only assume it means one of three things. 1) Kim’s having her baby that day (cough…Team Blue Ivy) 2) Kanye’s dropping his sixth album or 3) He’s celebrating his birthday ten days late (it’s Kanye…he can do that). I don’t know about you but I sure hope it’s number two. Oh and did I mention he deleted every single one of his prior tweets to make room for this one?

It’s been over two years since Ye dropped his last solo album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy so you can only imagine how stoked fans are for this “upcoming” album. Jake broke the news a few days ago, so we have to believe Kanye’s tweet is a follow up to this, right?

Of course, this is all speculation and based on the contingency that he’s even FINISHED the album. Who really knows at this point? Kanye’s superfluous performance on Cruel Summer has me excited for what the Chi town rapper has in store for us come June 18…hopefully.

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