Listen To An Early Version of Daft Punk’s ‘Contact’ (Feat. DJ Falcon)


With so many “official” rips of Daft Punk tracks leading up to the Random Access Memories‘ release date, it’s hard to tell what is real and fake. However, we are slowly getting more and more confirmation that this is indeed real.

The reason why we’re referring to this as an “early version” is based upon the fact that this particular recording is 10 years old. However, it is pretty well known that Daft Punk isn’t afraid to have works-in-progress for times far longer than the average producer. The source of this track, titled Contact (with the same name in RAM) was a part of a live DJ set of Thomas Bangalter, Cassius, and Falcon. We’re told that this version is “pretty damn similar” to the one we can expect on May 21st. Stay tuned.

Stream the set recording after the jump (track starts @ 2 hour 21 min mark):

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