Electric Daisy Carnival: Las Vegas 2013 Lineup


The day has finally come, after the dance music community has countlessly pestered Mr. Pasquale Rotella to release the lineup for the biggest dance music festival on the planet, it’s here, Electric Daisy Carnival: Las Vegas 2013. Just a few days the world renowned festival had just sold out it’s 345,000+ tickets with NO LINEUP released, while a year ago it took up to the day of the festival for it to sell out. As we are nearing that time of year again where we set aside our books after a hard fought semester, summer anthems are on repeat, and all is right with the less amount of clothing females decide to wear (yay).

This is one festival not to miss out this year with 2 reasons: 1- Ultra Music Festival just ousted any other dance music event out of the window (all thanks to social media), so you would think that Insomniac Events has a little trick up their sleeve to put them back in their spot 2 – Saturday was cancelled last year unfortunately due to high winds (which is why they moved it a weekend ahead this year) so obviously Pasquale Rotella can make up for it this year (maybe, but let’s hope). Also, can’t help but look back at a recent interview article with the “Carnival King” himself where he explains all the new adjustments and features in this years experience. Anyways, if you’re looking to get extra pumped for the best weekend ever head down below to the little montage I created. SEE ALL YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE June 21, 22, & 23rd!


Best weekend of my life. What more can I say? Surrounded by good people, good music, which create good times, endless stories to tell friends, and a priceless experience of a lifetime which I’ll remember forever. (well, most of it. f*ck tequila). Friendly heads up for those missin’ out this year (you’re lame) be ready to book and buy right on the spot for next year (I booked 8 months in advanced before dates announced, bought pre-sale for $300). It maybe a lot for those who are just becoming legal with no jobs but rest assured it’s worth every penny. Good luck.

Pasquale Rotella on what to expect from this years Electric Daisy Carnival, Las Vegas 2013:

.. It’s exciting. We’€™ll be making some major changes this upcoming year actually; very different from what we’ve done in the past. Especially when you get into art. Art is limitless. You can keep doing unique things – attractions away from the stages, environments that people can walk through. What we’re doing this year is very different.

The environment will be completely different, because of the production that we’€™re doing. We looked at the festival season in Holland a lot; you have Extrema and Dance Valley. We’ve always focused on technology, LED screens and moving lights. The majority of our events have been about the most cutting-edge technology.

This year we saw the interest of our fan-base that wanted to check out set design and more theatrical shows on the Vegas Strip – so we’re going to meld those two worlds together. We want to bring set design to the table, but still also offer the technology side. We’€™re going to get real creative with the stages – we’€™re going to have art installations, additional art cars roaming the festival ground and a few surprises as well for when you get there.

.. we’€™re going to mix up the stages a bit. We’ll have dedicated genre stages, but we want to mix it up. Especially on our largest stage, we’re going to have everything from hardstyle to house to dubstep to trance to techno. It’€™s going to be different. We’€™re actually going to have a hardstyle act play on our mainstage, which has never been done in the United States. We’€™re going to experiment.” (via InTheMix)

Well, believe me when I tell you, I’ve been going to Insomniac Events ever since Electric Daisy Carnival was held at the Los Angeles Coliseum, and not once has Pasquale Rotella and his team let me down. Not once. So expect him to go all out this year and show everyone what a true CARNIVAL KING he is.

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!