Deniz Koyu – Rage (Official Music Video)

Here it is. The official music video follow up to Deniz Koyu’s club banger, Rage. Honestly, I’m a huge fan of this track as the name basically describes every general feeling I have about this song. It’s a perfect combination of “let’s fuck shit up” and “Hey Bud, Let’s Party!”. Sorry, I had to get my Spicoli on today.

When Vienna first broke the track a few weeks ago, he asked some valid questions. To answer the main one; does this track make you want to rage…the answer is simple. Yes. Yes it does. But I do have to agree, hearing this track live at an “EDC or Ultra” type of festival would truly be epic!

Seeing as though I’m headed to EDC Chicago, where Koyu will be, I’ll keep ya posted on how this track sounds live on the main stage.

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