Knife Party – Haunted House EP Coming Soon

knife party haunted house

Looks like the latest Knife Party project, a followup to Rage Valley EP has sprung a leak, a full week before the scheduled release date of May 6th. Haunted House is now here.

It was set to be streamed in full by KP themselves via turntable earlier today, but I doubt a 320 download was supposed to be available as well. So for those of you planning on that all nighter tonight for finals week, crank this up to keep you awake.

Stream removed because Knife Party/Atlantic don’t want us to help introduce their music to our fans some of whom would then have bought the EP. Guess they don’t like free promotion of their music. Blame the person that leaked it originally guys not the blogs and their visitors many of whom are die hard fans that support the artists they dig.

Anyway… at least we have the hour long stream they did on TT. And it’s really good.

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!