Hoodie Allen – Make It Home (feat. Kina Grannis)

A month ago FUSE TV brought Hoodie Allen, hip-hop artist, and Kina Grannis, indie jelly bean lady, together. FUSE invited Hoodie and Kina to perform together and be part of a new program. The mission of the program is to bring two completely different genres of music together by having artists from different worlds collaborate on an original song and then the crazy part…. to perform it live for an audience of their fans.

Hoodie personally choose Kina Grannis, who he labeled a “YouTube Songstress” because he has always loved her vocal talent and discovered her videos a year ago (DEF CHECK OUT her sick stop motion effect jelly bean video)

So, FUSE gave them 24 hours to write a song from scratch [PRESSURES ON], record it, and get it ready for the big performance. They obviously got it done and made a great track. Next week they are planning to release the MP3 for free and Hoodie is now working on his debut full-length album that is gonna beout this fall. So here is Hoodie Allen’s “Make It Home” (feat. Kina Grannis).

Also if you’re wanting more here is the two performing Walk The Moon’s “Anna Sun” at FUSE studios and also behind the scenes action.

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 5.00.05 PM

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