Matt Clarke – Take My Keys (Official Music Video) [PSA On Drunken Driving]

We all make decisions in life. Some for the good, and some for the bad. It was his senior year of high school and Matt Clarke made a single decision that changed the course of his life. He was leaving a house party with his best friend. After a night of drinking, Matt had gotten into a serious accident that his best friend wasn’t able to walk away from. Spending a year in jail for his actions had given Matt a chance to reflect onto his life and decide how to move forward. Now Matt isn’t trying to gain fame through music, he is just trying to spread a positive message. This is being achieved by spreading awareness on a subject that everyone can relate to.

Matt, videographer Nick Pedini, and countless extras who donated their time created Take My Keys. The objective behind this visual and song was to shed light on something so delicate. Now many may think they’re greater than God and nothing will happen to them so they make these horrible decisions to drink and drive. But the reality of it is, that this can happen to anyone. The real men, women, boys, and girls are those that ask their friends to take their keys. Life is too precious to allow one mistake to change the rest of your life.

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