Introducing: Louis The Child


LITERALLY so into it, and the best part is the two kids are 15 years old. #TBT at 15 I personally wasn’t about to be the next madeon, but it’s fine we can all live through their lives (which are definitely about to become insane). Louis The Child is a duo of two fifteen year olds straight outta (still in and under their parents roofs) CHI TOWN.

The duo thing has been the hit recently. There is Mackelmore and Ryan Louis of Mackelmore lol, Cal and Rez of Timeflies, and now Robby and Freddy of Louis The Child… I’m already feeling the stardom just from the fact that history repeats itself. On their last track, Dimensions, they collaborated with a developing group Luke and Sky Walker and it turned out great. The instrumentation and composition on Dimensions was made personally by Freddy from Louis The Child, props. ALSO the boys won a remix contest and will be playing this summer at the Spring Awakening festival in Chicago along with some big names like Bassnecter and Calvin Harris.

I highly advice to check them out and tell the whole wide world because you’ll sound cool when they’re the big thing. Here is their soundcloud , Facebook, and twitter. Make sure to check back in early June when they release an EP and a full length album a little later in the summer.

LISTEN: (it all rocks, Fausage Sattener is an original so make sure to listen)
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Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!