Tiesto – Take Me (Ft. Kyler England) [Preview]

If there were an EDM dictionary, a big picture of Tiesto would be seen if you were to flip to the page with the word ‘consistent.’ Now I know what some of you may be thinking, “Tiesto went from being the world’s biggest trance DJ creating such somber, tranquil tracks such as Ten Seconds Before Sunrise, and then completely left the genre in favor of producing grinding electro house tracks like Maximal Crazy. And you’re calling the same guy consistent?” Now, allow me to explain. While Tiesto has explored numerous genres of music throughout his career, he’s always consistently released material of the highest quality. Something that not many producers can do which is why we see so many producers staying in one lane and never thinking outside of the box. Whether its hard hitting electro house, big room progressive house, trance, or whatever, expect nothing less than greatness from the legendary Tiesto.

Today we get a small preview of Tiesto’s latest original song “Take Me” that features the beautiful vocals of Kyler England. The track’s melody jumps out at you immediately and is perfectly complimented by Kyler’s vocals. After the huge success with his last dabble in progressive house with “Pair Of Dice”, Tiesto has opted to produce a similar sound with this latest track. “Take Me” releases on May 14th so expect to hear this through the massive sound systems at every music festival this summer.

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